PreSonus 24.4.2 -> firewire to iMac -> iMac to Router.... We run ProPresenter & Qmix off the same iMac. Will your app interfere with that or do you recommend a separate designated computer?

Audiofusion responded on 08/13/2018

Hi Jeremy,
We run SoundCaster with Ableton all the time.
I know some of our users run it on the same mac with ProPresenter but I haven't done it myself.
We have not tried it with ProPresenter and Q-mix. SoundCaster does take up a significant % of CPU so you'll have to try it on your iMac to see if you have any resource constraints. It might depend on how taxing your ProPresenter presentations are (lots of video and cues vs. still images and lyrics).
Send me an email at if you need any help getting set up.

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