Hi, I'm really interested in trying soundcaster. We play music with backing track and click running logic. I'm not sure if Audiofusion fits in our setup.
I would like to test it before buy it. Is there a trial version?
Thank you in advance

Audiofusion responded on 08/09/2018

Now that we have finally released the 1.0 Version, the beta testing has ended. Performer (the musician's app) will continue to be a free download. The initial $99 download of SoundCaster will allow you to connect one Performer at a time. That should allow you to test the system with your set up and determine if you would like to add additional connections for $99 each. Send me an email at and let me know what kind of digital mixer or audio interface you are using. I will give you my personal money back guarantee. We will refund the $99 download price in the first 30 days if you are not satisfied with the system. -Brandon

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