I have a presonus studiolive 16r as my mixer (USB Type B connectivity). I'm assuming that I could connect a macbook (possibly a PC in the future) to that device with the Soundcaster app (@$99) and connect to 4 performers (licensed @$99) - so my out of pocket to you would be ~$500.. and I would need Computer (macbook now 10.1.2 / pc future), a WiFi router, and then 4 iOS devices (iPhone 6 recommended) for each performer? If I can manage from the stage on Soundcaster then I don't need the director app? Can you use iPod Touch devices?

Audiofusion responded on 08/03/2018

That is exactly right. $500 and Director is optional. iPod Touch will work well but the battery life is not great. You would be better served with a used iPhone for the same price as a new iPod Touch.

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