Hi, If I bought the SoundCaster app for my mac ... Can I use it forever? or the license has some class of time limit.

Audiofusion responded on 08/02/2018

Hi Rodrigo,
Yes. SoundCaster is a one time purchase. You will own it forever. Audio Fusion will be like the old software model. Someday we might come out with 2.0 which has so many great new features that you will want to upgrade. However, that will be up to you if you want to upgrade or continue to use 1.0
I. The mean time you will continue to get all the improvements we make to the system through regular app updates.
1.0 is in final review with the app store so we expect it will be available today or tomorrow.
Director is still in beta testing so send me an email at if you would like to test that optional app.


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