I see that the in-ear monitoring piece is only for IOS. However, musicians will have a wide range of android and ios devices. Any chance the in-ear piece will be available for Android users soon? I would consider this to be a huge obstacle for churches to fully embrace this as their fulltime in-ear system until this is fledged out.

Audiofusion responded on 07/30/2018

Hi Jeff,
Although we are initially launching with iOS only, we do plan to release a PC and Android version. That beta testing may not begin for another 3~4 months. In the meantime you may have to pick up a handful of used iPhones to keep on hand for everyone. A used iPhone 6 is under $200 these days. In fact many of our testing churches are doing iPhone 6 drives. Your congregation probably has a few sitting unused that they would be happy to donate to the worship team.

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