Brandon - do you have anyone testing with iPhone 8’s that have experienced any advantages with the 2x2 MU-MIMO capabilities vs. the iPhone 6’s and 7’s? I know this is also router MU-MIMO dependent, but in theory it seems this would be the way to go working with audio streaming. We are currently testing with an Apple AirPort Extreme on the AC band and mainly iPhone 6’s because of the headphone jack. So far, when the router is placed in close proximity, we have no issues with up to 4 users and an iPad Pro running director, but we are hoping to use this with as many as 8 users at some point.

Audiofusion responded on 07/21/2018

Hi Steven,
We have not done any specific testing to compare individual device speeds or for MU-MIMO specifically. I do think that it will be one of the developments in the Wi-Fi standards that is going to help us drive the latency of the system down even further over time.

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