Hello, can i rose SoundCaster and Performer only? Or i need to purchase director to?

Audiofusion responded on 07/21/2018

Hi Alex,
Director is optional. It is nice to have if you have a monitor engineer or sound tech who can use it during the performance. It does three things: 1) It is a remote control for the input levels on SoundCaster so you are not tied to the sound booth. 2) While you can-relabel on SoundCaster by typing over the default input lables, Director gives you the further ability to re-assign labels without re-typing them if you change where you plug things in. 3) Director can assign devices to specific musicians and, thereby, listen to the same mix each musician is hearing on their device and make adjustments for them. That kind of simultaneous control is very powerful and for only $99.
Send me a note and let me know how your beta testing is going. -Brandon

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