Hi, interesting system. I have very much experience with wireless monitor systems over wi-fi (ex: behringer, presonus, yamaha, etc).
Actually work large format Orchestras with Aviom, P16 and many IEM, all combined.

Platform stability??.

In the near future, think expand your capabilities to more inputs??

It`s or will be compatible with Dante or Soundgrid driver as virtual input devices???

How much smart devices support???



Audiofusion responded on 07/06/2018

Hi Nicolas,
I just sent over an email to get you started if you would like to try it for yourself. The system is quite stable. It is compatible with Dante. I've not tested it with Soundgrid personally but our software will recognize any audio device that core audio can recognize. We do have plans to offer a version higher channel count on our roadmap but most consoles allow you to route submixes to the USB or digital outs.

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