Will Soundcaster work with the Behringer XAir 16? I don‘t know how I can connect the Digital Mixer to my MacBook, so i have all different Channels. Via Ethernet?
Maby you can use the wifi from the Behringer to geht started with Audiofusion or is the Power too low?
Can i geht the Beta to Test it out?

Audiofusion responded on 06/29/2018

Hello Merlan (Screap),
Unfortunately, the XAir 16 has only the 'A' type USB connector which will give you only a L/R out. The XR-18 has the 'B' type USB connector that will give you full multi channel audio out. The Behringer Wi-Fi can connect only to the Behringer. You will need an external router to run Audio Fusion. You can run the Behringer app on the same external router but you cannot run Audio Fusion on the Behringer router. I just sent over an email to get you started with the beta.

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