Hi. Any future plans to expand the channel limit from 16 channels to a higher count? 40 channels would work well for my needs. Thanks.

Audiofusion responded on 06/24/2018

Hi, Your inquiry came in anonymous so send me an email if you are interested in trying the system for yourself.
We are considering an expansion of the product to be able to offer more channels. We will need to continue our Wi-Fi router research in order to recommend appropriate routers to support such amounts of data well. It may be a higher price point for that version of the product.
Let me know what kind of console you use. Many digital console will allow you to route aux mixes or sub-mixes to the USB out. In that way you can have a mix of all the channels in one USB channel. Some are even using Audio Fusion in conjunction with the console mixer apps to give the musicians full control.

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