Hi Brandon, we currently use the Behringer X32 with the P16s for the musicians. Now I’ve seen this, I’d love to use this as an option for our vocalists. At the moment buying them all P16s works out too expensive and we end up with cabling running all over the stage.

1. Is it only 16 outputs it will carry?
2. I’m assuming it’s only available on Apple device... any plans to support Android? (Just means some vocalist will miss out)

Audiofusion responded on 06/19/2018

While our main software, SoundCaster, will recognize all 32 channels coming in from the X32, our Performer app is limited to 16 channels at this time. You'll have to pick 16 of the 32 channels to include in the mix. Some of our more advanced users, like yourself, are using Audio Fusion in conjunction with the Behringer mixer app to get past the 16 channel limitation. Send me an email to if you would like to learn more.

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