Hello, this is Jim from Houston, TX. I'm really excited to use this at our church... would you be willing to talk more about any latency in comparison to current IEM systems? What about any future releases to android devices? When can I get my hands on trying it out with my praise team?
I'm excited to hear more about this game changer!

Audiofusion responded on 06/06/2018

Hi Jim,
I'm happy to talk about latency but the DIY nature of our systems means that the latency of every system is going to be different. It will be slightly higher than other wireless and certainly hard wired systems. Most of our testers can't even perceive it but the best thing is to try it for yourself. I've been using it every Sunday for almost two years so I know it is quite usable. I'll send you an email to get you started as a tester.

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