Hello. I'm from Puerto Rico sound engineer of the Church Apostolic Renewal and I very interested to testing your product would like to test the beta .
I have a Midas pro1 which interface recommend for the console

Audiofusion responded on 06/01/2018

Hello Lionel,
Although the Midas Pro 1 is a digital console it does not have a multitrack USB out like the new digital boards. I see it has a card slot. Maybe you could buy a Dante card to connect to the computer. You need some way to get the audio into the Mac or Macbook just like a DAW. You could buy a small 16 channel digital mixer like the Behringer XR-18 or Midas MR-18. Route your Aux sends into the mixer and connect the USB out to the computer. I will send you an email to get started with the beta version.

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