I am the sound engineer for Decatur House of Prayer (modeled from IHOP KC) our goal is 24/7 worship music. At any given time, we have up to 12 musicians/singers on stage. We transition seamlessly between groups every 2 hours.- sound check on-the-fly. We currently use a Mackie DL32 sound system and run our Aviom system back through the 10 available AUX channels (we have 12, but 2 of them feed our mains) This leaves us 2 channels short, so some monitor mixes have to be combined. We are very interested in your system and would love more info. I have a few questions...
-Is there a setup that would allow us to have 12 separate in-ear mixes?
-Would each person have control of all 32 channels (not that we use all 32) in their in-ear mix?

Audiofusion responded on 05/29/2018

Hi Johnny,
I just sent over an email to get you started.

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