We are a midsize church with an Allen & Heath board, and are familiar with the ME1 personal mixing systems that allow each musician to mix 40 channels. One of the best features of this system is the ability to create groups and control the volume of the entire group. So we have a group setup for drums so you don't have to individually adjust the volume of each of the 8 channels, you can just turn up the group. Does your software offer a similar feature? We love the ME1's but the wireless aspect of your system is very appealing.

Audiofusion responded on 05/25/2018

We are limiting our system to only 16 channels with our 1.0 release. However, several testers are using Audio Fusion in conjunction with the Allen & Heath app as a way of accessing all the channels. You route the aux mixes to the USB outs instead of individual channels. The musicians use the A&H app to control their mix while allowing Audio Fusion to deliver the audio in the background on the same device. Send me an email if you would like to test it.

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