When available will the Android app work together with iphone app? i.e. Will any phone type be able to receive from one SoundCaster?
Will this system work at the same time as GarageBand is recording on a Mac?

Audiofusion responded on 05/12/2018

Hi Phil,
When available for Android you will be able to mix devices. It will all be plug n play so any device running Performer will be able to connect to SoundCaster.
I've not tried it with GarageBand but we run it on the same computer as Ableton all the time. Our software operates much like a DAW in how it gets the audio so both programs cannot choose that same audio input device at the same time. So we have to run a separate audio interface for Ableton going out and connect SoundCaster to the mixer coming in. Some testers have been successful using Loopback or other 3rd party software to get SoundCaster to recognize the output from another DAW as an audio source so you could experiment with that.

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