Hola.. quisiera saber que caracteristicas especificas deben tener el Modem Router que tengo que comprar, y si este puedo conectarlo desde la consola principal de donde vaya a tocar ya que lo que suelo hacer cuando toco en vivo es mandar cada instrumento al main y de ahi me envian las mezclas que quiero. Gracias

Audiofusion responded on 04/30/2018

Hello Nahuel,
I just sent an email to get you started. I understand your challenge: How to connect with any console in any venue where you play? Sometime the venue might have a digital console by sometime it might be analog. You can bring with you a digital audio interface with enough channels for your band. Plug into the audio interface first then allow the instrument signals to pass through to the analog out for the FOH. connect the audio interface to your Mac by USB for Audio Fusion.

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