We are currently looking for a wireless personal monitoring system that integrates with a muscians smart phone. Our goal is to move away from our aging Aviom system and move into a streamlined wireless system that is user friendly. Would like more information on how exactly this works. The way that I am understanding this is that you plug your computer into your board via usb? Then the Audio fusion software acts as a DAW which then distributes to a musicians wireless device. Is this correct? if this is so, then do you still have the ability to record to your DAW multitrack channels? Appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

Audiofusion responded on 04/28/2018

Hi Abel,
I just sent an email to get you started. It is possible to use Audio Fusion in conjunction with another DAW but it depends on which one. It works great with Dante but some DAW do not allow you to share the same audio device in core audio.

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