Hi, I'm a sound engineer and also a music player in my church and we use two Presonus 24.4.2 (daisy-chained using firewire, can't connect to PC) as FOH mixer and wedge monitors but I'm trying to convince the team to try inear monitors. Want to know how the audiofusion system works and would love to try your system if it possible.


Audiofusion responded on 04/19/2018

Hello Andre,
Audio Fusion works just like a DAW. You would need to be able to get the audio into the computer somehow.
That could be as simple as sending your Aux mixes to an audio interface. In this way Audio Fusion would operate more like a wireless receiver and not a personal mixer. You would still control the mixes from the board or from the Q-mix app. If you can connect the PreSonus to the computer by Firewire then you can send individual channels and the musician can control their own mi with Audio Fusion.
I sent over an email with the first steps to become a beta tester.

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