3 questions:
1. Is there a delay?
2. Price?
3. How many IE can be used at one time?

Audiofusion responded on 04/04/2018

1. the delay is perceptible but very usable and getting better all the time. I've been using the system in live performance for almost two years now. A good deal of the latency depends on the digital mixer or audio interface you use to do the original analog to digital conversion and the capabilities of your Wi-Fi router.
2. Performer, the app the musicians use on their iPhones will continue to be a free download. The price of SoundCaster, the MacBook software, will be scalable based on the number of Performers you can connect at one time. It will be a one time purchase of $100 per connection.
3. The number of devices you can connect at one time will depend on your Wi-Fi router. We have done 10 devices in liver performance but you should be able to do more with an enterprise level router. You can also do hard wired connections (ethernet to lighting) without cutting into your bandwidth.
Send me an email at if you would to try the system for yourself.

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